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Experienced Intellectual Property Law Guidance

Whether you own a patent, have a unique business process or simply want to protect your company logo, you will likely need the guidance of an intellectual property (IP) lawyer. At The Law Offices of Antonio Del Mastro, I can help you protect those things that make your business unique.

I am Antonio Del Mastro, and I truly enjoy hearing about the background behind your ideas and making your IP tangible through words on paper. I understand the laws and the processes necessary to protect your property and help you manage and grow your IP portfolio over time through renewals and updates. I serve inventors, entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the areas around New Haven and Hartford from my Berlin office location.

What Is Intellectual Property?

Many people do not understand the wide range of products and ideas that IP laws cover. You can protect many of your original ideas, whether they are creative, technical or brand-related. There are many different methods for protecting that property under the law. The various types of IP protections include:

  • Trademarks – Your logo and other branding material set you apart and allow customers to identify you. Whether you are just starting your business or have been using your logo for some time, you can register your trademark.
  • Patents – Inventions take time, research and resources. When you create something new, you need to protect your investment and your potential source of income for the future by filing for a patent.
  • Trade secrets – Your business concepts are at the heart of what makes your business unique, and you have a right to protect that from others.
  • Copyrights – Copyrights cover original written works, including music and software code, as long as they exist in tangible form.

While federal laws control most intellectual property, there are some situations where Connecticut state laws have an effect. Trademark is one example where laws may differ slightly from state to state, though you can also federally register your trademark. Connecticut recognizes the rights of companies to trademarks they gain under the common law through use over time.

Do You Need A Licensing Agreement?

You can use the IP of someone else by purchasing the rights through a licensing agreement. On the flip side, if you have a type of property that someone else would like to use, you may need to create a licensing agreement for their use. Whichever side you are on, I can help you negotiate and draft an agreement that protects your rights and meets your business needs.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

You work hard to develop your creative ideas and need to protect them. To discuss your options, contact me for a consultation. You can send me an online message or call my Berlin office at 860-868-4995.