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Common business contract mistakes to avoid

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2022 | Business Law |

Contracts are some of the most valuable and important tools available to a Connecticut business when entering into a relationship with another person or party. These agreements outline the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved in this relationship, and they can reduce the chance of a dispute arising that could cost both time and money. Well-written contracts can provide legal and financial security for all of the agreeing parties.  Unfortunately, mistakes in a contract could lead to complications and disputes. Even a minor error can lead to significant issues that may undermine and compromise the relationship entirely. Avoiding business contract mistakes is critical, starting with understanding how to create a strong, practical and enforceable agreement that is reasonable to all parties.  

What could derail your agreement? 

When creating business contracts, the goal should be enforceable agreements built on a foundation of reasonableness and clarity. Strong contracts reduce the chance of complications and disputes that could affect your business operations. Some of the most common mistakes made in business contracts include: 

  • The terms of the contract weigh heavily in favor of one side over the other party, creating tension over the disparity. 
  • The terms of the contract do not clearly prioritize the goals of the agreement and the relationship between parties. 
  • The parties did not update the contract as needed after the nature of the business relationship changed. 
  • The terms of the contract are unclear, unenforceable, unfair or impossible for one or both parties. 
  • The contract is not legal, and a court could determine that some or all of the terms are invalid in the event of a contract dispute. 

Mistakes in a contract may not be evident until there is a problem between the two parties. Questions over the terms, failure to adhere to the terms of the contract or other problems could result in a legal dispute. Even simple errors can be costly, and it is in your interests to avoid mistakes as much as possible when crafting a business contract. 

Protecting your interests

Business contracts are beneficial in many different types of business relationships, from employment agreements to purchase contracts. If you are creating a contract, you may benefit from a careful assessment of the situation first in order to understand the specific terms that will be most beneficial in the individual situation. Being thorough as you create your contract can help you accomplish more and feel confident regarding your legal and financial interests.